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  • Cheetahs

    Cheetahs, the animals with the fastest running speed on Earth, can sprint at speeds of 75 mph! Typical Cheetahs have 2 to 3 cubs in each litter, and the cubs stay with their Mother for about 16 months. Cheetahs hunt in the day, usually in the morning and early evening. The cheetah is the only…

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  • Tigers

    Tigers eat large prey like deer and wild pigs. Most institutes classify Tigers into 6 subspecies: Siberian, Bengal, Sumatran, Indo-Chinese, South China and the Malayan. The average lifespan of a Tiger in the wild is 11 years, but when is captivity they can live for as much as 20 to 25 years. In 1973, India…

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  • Bubble Wrap

    Bubble Wrap, invented by Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes, was introduced as a textured wallpaper. To make their Bubble Wrap, they used two shower curtains and sealed them together with air bubbles in between. After an ultimate failure (because it wouldn’t sell well ), Fielding and Chavannes set out to market their invention as a…

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