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  • Bears

    Grizzly bears, reaching up to 8 feet tall and weighing as mush as 800 pounds, have almost no natural enemies. The average Grizzly can run at 35 mph. There are about 50,000 living in North America, 30,000 of which live in Alaska. Grizzly bears are immensely strong, a full grown adult can easily lift 500…

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  • Elephants

    Of the three species of elephants, the African Forest elephant is the rarest, as well as the most recently discovered. African Bush elephants are the largest, and can grow up to 24 feet tall. Bush elephants also have a distinct difference between the length of their front and back legs. There are 3 to 4…

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  • Komodo Dragons

    These predators, located on several Indonesian islands, were first discovered in 1910 by Lieutenant van Stayn van Hensbroek. In 2009 an international research group discovered that Komodo Dragons wield a potent venom. They will eat almost any meat they can find, but their young feed primarily on small lizards and insects. If a Komodo Dragon…

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